SmartBox Pro®

Advanced Electrophysiology:


Plug-and-play, Scalable

Probe-centric, data-mapping interface

Fully configured, Built-in probe mapping

Plug-and-play compatibility with all NeuroNexus probes and electrode arrays.

Product Overview

The SmartBox has been a huge accelerant for our research.

Dr. Murray Blackmore Marquette University

Since NeuroNexus began fabricating probes with high reliability and reasonable costs, we virtually stopped using wire electrodes...

Dr. György Buzsáki
SmartBox Pro

Up to 512 lightning fast channels for real-time processing of spikes, field potentials and other physiological signals. Cutting-edge Allego software allows for a customizable workspace to save time and acquire rich datasets, every time.

SmartBox Pro
Intuitive “Probe-centric” User Interface

Built-in probe maps at your fingertips. Instant and precise spatio-temporal relationships among signals. Simply connect a NeuroNexus probe and headstage amplifier to start focusing on your high-impact science in seconds!

SmartBox Pro
Affordable, Easy to Integrate, Open Neuroscience-friendly

Low cost, easy-to-use, complete solution with the functionality of an expensive, rack-mounted system. A simple yet powerful system that will grow with your lab.

The SmartBox Pro is a high-performance, multi-functional instrument used for signal acquisition, experiment control, and probe diagnostics.

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